STO/ICO PR & Marketing

Intelligent PR & Marketing For Your ICO/STO

We are experts in launching ICO/STOs from end-to-end, across 'earned', 'bought' and 'owned' media channels.  We are extremely well-connected and respected internationally among key influencers & investors within the ICO/STO, Blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds. 

The importance of building reputation and awareness for an ICO/STO among respected and key influencers cannot be underestimated. As Robert Hackett explains in Fortune:

“Regardless of your opinion on the ICO/STO market — there is some significant innovation at the core of this process. However, due to the current lack of regulation in the space there remains a lot of concern on companies with poor intentions and flat out scams.”

Indeed, the internet and media are full of stories relating to ICO/STO scams. In fact, a recent article in Forbes stated that “90% of ICO/STOs are nothing buy Hype.”

And it’s already becoming a cluttered market, growing at an incredible rate. There are approximately 50 new ICO/STOs launching each day - and this number is expected to rise significantly over the following months & years.

We will help you stand out from other ICO/STOs.

Our knowledge of the key influencers who ‘seasoned’ ICO-investors turn to for guidance will be extremely powerful in getting your ICO/STO covered and spoken about. They will include Cointelegraph, Coinschedule, relevant groups on Telegram, Reddit (and sub-Reddits), LinkedIn and Face- book groups, ICO Timeline, ICO List, ICO Bench, ICO Rating, ICO Alert, Cryptorated,, Crypto Currency Talk, Bitcoin Talk, Invest Feed and Bitcoin Masons.

Each platform, channel, group or chat is inundated with ICO opportunities to invest in.

It is, therefore, imperative that the content drafted and submitted through these platforms is highly engaging and relevant. Creatively written content, that is perfect in form and in meaning, will get far more attraction, as will responses to queries that are prompt, helpful and friendly.

Integrated Approach...

ICO/STO/Blockchain Marketing & PR: Strategy and Planning

Stage One - Strategy & Planning Phase

ICO/STO/Blockchain Marketing & PR: Stage One

Stage Two - Private Sale & Whitelist Phases

ICO/STO/Blockchain Marketing & PR: Stage Two

Stage Three: Warm-to to Pre-ICO/STO

Marketing & PR: Warm-to to Pre-ICO/STO

Stage Four - Six: : Pre ICO/STO, Warm-Up To Main ICO/STO & Main ICO/STO

ICO/STO/Blockchain Marketing & PR: Stage Four-Six


…at every stage of your user’s journey

ICO/STO/Blockchain Marketing & PR: Activities

Next Steps...

If you are planning an ICO/STO and need an exceptional and intelligent communications strategy, then please contact us.